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Metabolic testing at Rofe Medical.

Medical assistance, whether it be professional nutrition advice or appetite suppressant medications, can help you reach your weight loss goals. Sasson Moulavi, MD, and the team at Rofé Medical in Boca Raton, Florida, support you with personalized nutrition education and can prescribe medications when necessary. Call Rofé Medical or schedule your weight loss management consultation online today. 


Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is Medical weight loss management?

Medical weight loss is a professional medical service that assists you with reducing body fat. Losing weight isn’t always as simple as it sounds, so valid medical advice is highly sought after. The Rofé Medical team provides professional support as you work toward your goals.

Which steps go into weight loss management?

Weight loss management at Rofé Medical starts with a medical evaluation and consultation, so the team can better understand your current health and goals. They check your current weight to calculate your body mass index (BMI), full body composition analysis ask questions about your current dietary tendencies. 

Your program then consists of:

Pnoe metabolic testing , the most accurate method to asses metabolism  and your  cardiovascular health.

Nutrition education. we have the wides range of eating program , Fasting , deep fasting, nutrient  push fasting, mediterranean 

The team teaches you the best practices for building a nutritional and low-calorie diet without following a restrictive, unhealthy, or ineffective fad. 


Semaglutide is an injectable drug that helps you lose weight by minimizing hunger and increasing the production of the hormone insulin from your pancreas. 


Phentermine is another prescription appetite suppressant. Taken orally, you should use phentermine as part of a comprehensive weight management program that includes low-calorie eating and regular exercise. 

Your provider might also suggest cutting down on alcohol or adjusting other habits that contribute to weight challenges. 

Weight loss before and after


What are the benefits of weight loss management?

A medical weight loss management program helps you stay on track with consistent weight loss without the setbacks and confusion that often come with independent weight management efforts. 

When you lose weight with an evidence-based and supportive weight management program, you can experience extensive health and wellness benefits including:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Less joint pain
  • Lower diabetes risk
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced need for medications

One of the best features of medical weight loss is its ability to help you keep the weight off — not just lose it in the first place. Though any weight-loss medications you take are only temporary, the team supports you in making permanent healthy lifestyle changes so you stay at your goal weight indefinitely. 

Weight loss management services can help you get past the plateau in your weight. Call Rofé Medical or schedule a consultation online to learn more about medical weight management today. 



PNOE Metabolic testing at Rofe medical

PNOE Metabolic testing at Rofe medical